Catechism of the Catholic Church

534 Part Three — the right to private property, to free enterprise, to obtain work and housing, and the right to emigrate; — in keeping with the country’s institutions, the right to medical care, assistance for the aged, and family benefits; — the protection of security and health, especially with respect to dangers like drugs, pornography, alcoholism, etc.; — the freedom to form associations with other families and so to have representation before civil authority. 15 2212 The fourth commandment illuminates other relationships in society. In our brothers and sisters we see the children of our parents; in our cousins, the descendants of our ancestors; in our fellow citizens, the children of our country; in the baptized, the children of our mother the Church; in every human person, a son or daughter of the One who wants to be called “our Father.” In this way our relationships with our neighbors are recognized as personal in character. The neighbor is not a “unit” in the human collective; he is “someone” who by his known origins deserves particular attention and respect. 2213 Human communities are made up of persons. Governing themwell is not limited to guaranteeing rights and fulfilling duties such as honoring contracts. Right relations between employers and employees, between those who govern and citizens, presuppose a natural good will in keeping with the dignity of human persons concerned for justice and fraternity. III. T he D uties of F amily M embers The duties of children 2214 The divine fatherhood is the source of human father­ hood; 16 this is the foundation of the honor owed to parents. The respect of children, whether minors or adults, for their father and mother 17 is nourished by the natural affection born of the bond uniting them. It is required by God’s commandment. 18 2215 Respect for parents ( filial piety ) derives from gratitude to­ ward those who, by the gift of life, their love and their work, have brought their children into the world and enabled them to grow in 15 Cf. FC 46. 16 Cf. Eph 3:14. 17 Cf. Prov 1:8; Tob 4:3-4. 18 Cf. Ex 20:12. 225 1931 1939 1858